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The Coffee and Tea Show Podcast

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August 29th, 2006

Sorry about the crossposting, but I'm really excited about this and think it's a great addition to the Rocky Horror community.

My friend tinydevils and I (from Atlanta's Lambda Psi Phi cast) have started a new podcast called Rocky Horror Pod Show as of Thursday night 8/24. I think we are the very first RHPS-oriented podcast. We are looking for cast and audience members to interview, interesting news and shoutouts to your own cast, great AP lines and those you really wish would just go away, costume tips and tricks, screen accuracy vs. parody, games and puzzles, trivia, reviews of other cast movies, news about Rocky Horror, and anything and everything to do with our obsession!

Right now we are concentrating on local casts because that's what we know, but we totally want to do this on shadowcasts all over the world.

Sean and I are long-time Rocky people who saw a need in the podcasting community to create this show, since you can't swing a cat without downloading a podcast about Harry Potter, Lost, or Firefly. We couldn't find anything at all about RHPS--heck, we would have subscribed. So until we hear otherwise, we'll say we are the first and only Rocky Horror podcast in the world!

I am an experienced podcaster since I had been doing another podcast called Coffee and Tea Show so we were able to put together a really great show quickly, but we've got a long way to go and a lot to cover, so send information our way. If you want to get your voice on the show, call (206) DEW-TOOT for our voice line. Our email address, in case you have pictures or cast links, is rockypod @ aim.com. We record around 7:00ish EST on Wednesday evenings so we'd like to start a chatroom on AIM at that time (rockypod).

Since our show is so new, iTunes has not picked it up yet, but you can subscribe to the rss feed by cutting and pasting http://rockyhorrorpodshow.libsyn.com/rss into your favorite podcatcher (under iTunes it is under advanced--if you use another one such as juice or odeo let me know and we'll figure it out). You can also go to our MySpace page or webpage to listen to it directly.

July 7th, 2006

Supah Hot!

with friend
We got a really nice note from Beau Hall, who did Superhot Lady Cop on our last show:

Thank you guys SO MUCH for playing my Superhot Ladycop song on your podcast. I'm glad you folks enjoyed it - I'm still suprised when anybody new likes my stuff - you know - your family HAS to like this crap... being supportive and stuff... but you guys seem to like it just because. That's awesome.

Thanks again. Loved your show. Me, personally, there's only one coffee in the world: Dunkin Donuts, with tap water, hormone-bred cow cream, with sugar that was gained from a hydroponic sugar cane. In a styrofoam cup, sitting in my Hummer with the windows open, AC blasting, perched on a pile of burning tires, while spraying an aerosol can into the air, just because.

Okay, no, honestly, just the DnD coffee. Life's too short to drink lousy coffee.


(Nice singing of your own at the end. I'll bring you onstage to sing sometime.)

- Hugs and kisses... Moi.

July 6th, 2006

Voicemail: (206) 338-6194

Laura, Dwight, Sasha, and our friend Michael took Halley to the infamous Atlanta strip club The Clermont Lounge for Halley's 21st birthday. The strippers there are famous for not having regular stripper looks--there are ladies of all ages, weights, state of inking and birth genders performing there. It's great! We'll go again and bring listeners along as well!

We're announcing a contest in which listeners create sound effects in MP3 format and email them to us at coffeeandteashow@gmail.com. The winner will receive some 80s softcore porn we bought at a Korean dollar store and only watched once. It's called "Foxy Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads." We believe it was filmed in the mid-eighties and it is in VHS format, naturally. So the contest is only open to 18-and-up and is limited to the continental United States. The winner will be announced in August. We'll play everything we receive, though.

Tonight's music is from Beau Hall and is called "Superhot Lady Cop." It comes to us from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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