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The Coffee and Tea Show Podcast

Supah Hot!

Supah Hot!

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with friend
We got a really nice note from Beau Hall, who did Superhot Lady Cop on our last show:

Thank you guys SO MUCH for playing my Superhot Ladycop song on your podcast. I'm glad you folks enjoyed it - I'm still suprised when anybody new likes my stuff - you know - your family HAS to like this crap... being supportive and stuff... but you guys seem to like it just because. That's awesome.

Thanks again. Loved your show. Me, personally, there's only one coffee in the world: Dunkin Donuts, with tap water, hormone-bred cow cream, with sugar that was gained from a hydroponic sugar cane. In a styrofoam cup, sitting in my Hummer with the windows open, AC blasting, perched on a pile of burning tires, while spraying an aerosol can into the air, just because.

Okay, no, honestly, just the DnD coffee. Life's too short to drink lousy coffee.


(Nice singing of your own at the end. I'll bring you onstage to sing sometime.)

- Hugs and kisses... Moi.
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